Last testpost – translation Swedish to English


  1. I have tried translation before so I was eager to see if it has gotten any better with Office 2007.
  2. It had not – still need for many humans to do a decent job, at least for Swedish – English!
  3. So you have to stand my English, it is not native so in this blog there will be a lot of errors. But please forgive me, I will try to do my best and Word 2007 will help me with the spelling!

The story.

Highlight the text and right click to get the offer of translation!!

Normal ie this means the normal text I have to enter into to get going. It shows up with all my spelling errors which are very comfortable to correct in MS Word. I will also try to use the translate function in Word 2007 to see if I could blog in Swedish and get it well translated into English.

We try by typing the above text in Swedish and then I will do a translation.

The first test failed. Word 2007 crashed but it managed to restore my document.

Normal dvs det innebär normal text som jag måste skriva in för att komma i gång. Här visas alla mina felstavningar som jag enkelt kan korrigera i MS Word. Jag ska också prova att använda översätttnings funktionen i Word 2007 för att se om jag kan blogga på svenska och få det bra översatt till engelska.

Vi provar med att skriva in ovanstående text på svenska och sedan kommer jag att göra en översättning.

Första testet gick inget vidare. Word 2007 bombade men det klarade av att återställa mitt dokument. Första testet misslyckades.

This is what I got from ‘Lingo’:

Normal i.e. it means normal text that I must enter in order to come in time. Here, all my error spellings are shown that I simple can correct in MS Word. I will also try to use översätttnings the function in Word 2007 in order to see if I can blogga on Swedish and few
the good translated to English.

We try with entering the above text on Swedish and since
comes I to do a translation.

The first test went nothing furthermore. Word 2007 bombed but it coped with of restoring my document. The first test failed.

What is your opinion is it readable? I think NO.

  • ‘Come in time’ – phrase in Swedish that failed. ‘komma i gång’ is similar to ‘get going’ or maybe ‘start up’.
  • ‘error spelling’ – understandable but wrong order used the Swedish order.
  • ‘översättnings’ – didn’t find the word, ok if failed. Means translation the ‘s’ is to connect it with the rest.
  • ‘blogga on’ – blogga is a new Swedish word coming from blog, on is a direct translation of ‘på’ which is a preposistion but the wrong one in English ‘in’ sounds better.
  • ‘few’ – funny mistake Swedish word ‘få’ has many translations into English both few and get is correct, but since it is a verb here it should be ‘get’.
  • ‘the good translated’ – ?? good try…
  • ‘on’ – should be ‘in’ or maybe ‘into’ I am not sure.
  • ‘since’ – ‘sedan’ has many meanings in English ‘later on’, ‘then’, ‘since’ (from my dictionary). ‘Later on’ or ‘Then’ would be correct.
  • ‘comes I’ – ?? I Swedish we have two construct for future with a verb, either ‘skall’ or ‘kommer att’ both should be translated into English with ‘will’ or ‘shall’, I think..
  • ‘nothing furthermore’ – ‘gick inget vidare’ is a kind sort of ‘failed’ if I have used ‘misslyckades’ it would have worked. But in Swedish that is much harder and asks for sympathy.
  • ‘coped with of restoring’ – ‘managed to restore’ I think sounds more correct.

So for the time being and with my budget there is no option. If I want to reach out in the world outside of Sweden I have to use my English from high school (8 years). I hope you could cope with it but probably there will be many errors. So please forgive me…


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