How should I blog?

To start doing something you never have done before with the use of a computer, that is a pain. Blogging is no exception from that rule! Let us call it ‘computerized problem solving’, I will return to this subject in a later post.

After digging around (i.e. Googling, Testing digital image software, copying and pasting different type of HTML…) with mixed success it might be the time to sum everything up and see if there is a good solution lying around unobtrusively. I really tried to find someone out there who initially had the same problems as I, but wasn’t successful. I must do something totally wrong. Is it my definition of the problem or am I using the wrong type of tool? I mean 2 posts so far within 40 hours. Lets us start with my problem:

  1. I want to start blogging on the theme ‘Office 2007 experience’ under the title XLRocks.
  2. I will use screenshots and nice photos with connection to rocks in the blog.
  3. I want the layout of the blog to appeal to the group I want to reach.
  4. I desperately need a good spellchecker since my English spelling needs all support there is to be found.
  5. I want people to find my blog, read it and hopefully get engaged and enter comments.

What is so special about that, and there are so many enthusiastic people out there who actually achieve this and blog constantly. Do they have my pain?

My finding so far could be summarized like this:

  1. Blogger or Life Space or why not both? Or some of the others?? Or my own website? When not using Word 2007 there are much more choices.
  2. Without knowing my preference still is Blogger in the hope of better indexing from Google.
  3. Tools offered by both services for entering a post through the Web and the browser don’t fulfill what I want. Spent hours making them do what I want. The tool for entering the post must be local on my PC, i.e. a nice Windows program, no silly java-applet or AJAX or … I tried Word 2007 and that gave me a lot of pain when meeting my requirements. Best is if it is YGWYS
  4. The tool I need should be capable of producing HTML that could be used on either Blogger or Life Space to produce the result I want in the blog without having to edit the post with the tools offered.
  5. I don’t want to learn HTML. I have managed so far in life without it. A language with so many ‘</>a:refs’ is not meant for humans. It is not my baby and will never be how much I try.
  6. I have collected and produced 50 oblong photos on rocks with smoothed edges. They are not exactly the same shape, but hopefully I could shrink them when using them. I only managed to get them in PNG-format which means they will load slowly for people with poor connections. This could be a problem in the US. I would have been better off with JPG:s but that has to wait for a while.
  7. The JPG:s from screenshots loose in quality when resized the.


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